Do you take playing games seriously?

If so, then Video Game Testing might be the right career for you.

With the competition heating up in all areas within & outside the gaming industry, companies are requiring more from its hires. With the pressure caused by the increasing complexity of newly released Video Games, trends suggest that a formal training in game testing is becoming a necessity in order to gain even an entry-level position, & the pressure will only increase in the near future.

A solid foundation in gaming theory also opens the door to entry level roles in Project Management.

Do what you love and get someone to pay you for doing it

Successful completion of the Game 2 Earn Certification course will equip you with the knowledge & the skills that today’s games industry demands from its QA specialists, opening up opportunities to work not just as a Games QA technician but also within Marketing or Sales as a Games Analyst all over India.

Certified Video Game Tester

Testing of games & working in the QA department is far more than just playing games. Students on the course are taught each of the steps involved in Quality Assurance and its' symbiotic relationship with the rest of the development process. Methodologies, tools, processes and structures are all integral components within the course.

The QA course is conceived and taught by industry experienced QA veterans who continue to push the boundaries of computer game testing & development in today’s market. It is presented in a unique format, heavily influenced by gaming technology to aid learning, retention and importantly, add fun to the whole process of gaining these important skills.

With this training, the odds of landing a good job in the video game industry is sure to be improved & the chances for a quick promotion will be increased.

Game-2-Earn Certification

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We specialize in detailed technical 'For-the-Job' training about the job that you are expected to perform in the Industry ensuring that you are fully prepared & ready to take on the challenges of a new job and come out as a winner in the company.

Our trainings include MS Office, Language Training (Grammar, Voice & Accent), Soft Skills, Interview Skills and Technical Training, making it easy for you to get selected in the gaming company of your choice, getting you as close to your dream job as possible.

With trainers & mentors that have years of Training & Management experience, our goal is to bridge the gap between actual Industry requirements & fresh Engineering / Graduate resources that lack the necessary exposure, experience and skills that are critical for getting an entry into the fast-paced, highly technical & competitive Interactive Entertainment industry.

Our team of industry experts & qualified trainers from the Gaming industry, have a proven professional record of training and mentoring fresh graduates and junior professionals who are looking to rocket-launch their career by gaining that extra edge.

  • Candidate assessment
  • Detailed industry overview
  • Practical "for-the-job" training
  • Game testing & QA
  • Defects & reporting tools
  • Customer requirements & expectations
  • Career development paths
  • Hands on exercises & games
  • Interview role-plays
  • Soft skills & behaviour
  • Management skills
  • Technology training
  • English language & grammar
  • Training analysis
  • Video examples
  • Detect & report bugs
  • Basic MS Office
  • Guest lectures from key industry figures

The Jumping Goldfish Advantage

Our industry associations provide us with an insider's view of the latest hiring strategies & developments across the gaming industry. Our Trainings fit exactly with the recruitment requirements and demands of the companies

Flexible Solutions

Our Training solutions are flexible, cost effective & time efficient. They are designed to get the maximum return on your Training & Development investments.

Well Researched

Our Training materials are developed after extensive research on industry hiring trends, HR requirements & technical skill need forecasts. We keep evolving as per changing needs.

Simple Yet Effective

We lay great emphasis on constructing our training modules & delivery methods simple yet effective so as to bring about maximum assimilation & retention in our attendees.