What We Do

Bridging the Gap

Companies believe that it is at-least twice as hard (in cost and effort) to identify an employable graduate from a tier 2 campus as compared to a tier 1 campus. From an economic perspective, this makes it unattractive and inefficient for companies to hire students other than those from tier 1 campuses. Unfortunately, this makes the major chunk of graduates ineligible to even called for a job interview.

Industry Knowledge

1We have studied the talent supply-chain gap in the IT and ITeS industries in detail and we partner with Educational Institutions to help make their graduates employable, and with Industrial Institutions by helping them cut HR and Training costs by directing trained, ‘job-ready’ professionals to them.

Specialised Training

2Higher education institutions need to facilitate the delivery of focused, employable and professional skills to improve the employability of their students and emphasize on producing job-ready graduates. Partnerships with specialised training institutes like ours is a step in the right direction.

Preferred Partner

3Jumping Goldfish is the preferred partner for colleges and educational institutes all across the country looking to provide hands on experience, practical for-the-job skills, soft skills and high-demand job skills to their students, so as to enable them to have an edge over their counterparts in the highly competitive and selective job market.

Employment Ready Graduates

4We help direct well trained and employment ready graduates to appropriate opportunities and encourage them to be the fish that is sought after rather than being the fisherman in need!